Tips To Make Your Ride Easier

Welcome to City Express Shuttle, Airport Transportation with a Difference!

Our white and black checkered vans take you to and from the airport. We can pick you up at your home, office or hotel and bring you back after you land. Our prices are the lowest in the bay area. We guarantee no more than two stops to your destination

Don’t worry if your flight is early or late, our dispatch system tracks your flight giving City Express Shuttle the exact pick up time. Even if your flight is early or late we will always be on time.

       oakland airport city express shuttle    From Your Home, Office or Hotel to Airport

To arrange a pickup from your home, office or hotel visit our reservations page and click on the appropriate reservation box. You can also call us at (510) 574-1803 or toll free at (888) 8-SHUTTLE.  A City Express Shuttle van will arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled pickup time. If your pickup time is 8:00 am, the van will typically arrive between 8:00 am and 8:15 am. We will call you when we are out side.

*All reservations are held with a credit card, you may choose to pay with cash when picked up.

     oakland airport baggage claim      From the Airport

We encourage you to make a reservation for transportation from the airport. We will track your flight to guarantee on time service. Here are some simple instructions to follow for easier pick up:

1.       Once you have your luggage, call our dispatchers at (510) 574-1803 or (888) 8-SHUTTLE and a white City Express Shuttle Van will be dispatched to you.

2.       If you are at Oakland Airport, there are now two pick up areas. Please call us after you pick up your luggage.     

If you are at San Francisco Airport, you will be given directions for pick up when you call in, after you get your bags.

Generally, a white van with black checkers will be waiting for you. However, airport security measures prohibit any vehicle from waiting for passengers. If the van is not there when you get to the pick up area please allow 3-5 minutes for the driver to circle around.

 oakland airport checks your luggage

We ask all passengers to have no more than two bags. This will help us make space for everyone’s personal belongings.  If you do have more than two items there may be an additional charge. Please call for (510) 574-1803 or (888) 8-SHUTTLE for rates.

             city express shuttle at oakland will be a comfy ride     Car Seats and Pets

Children under the age of 12 have a special rate of $10. Children under 6 or under 60 pounds are not permitted aboard the van without a car seat. We don’t provide car seats, please remember to bring your own.

For transporting pets, please have them in a carrier at all times. This will insure every passenger a comfortable ride. Please call us if you have questions (510) 574-1803 or (888) 8-SHUTTLE

*After 10pm, add $10 to Fare
* After 12am-4am, add $20 to Fare

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